2017 Review

Hello, and Happy New year! I feel truly blessed to have photographed so many amazing people this past year! Although I haven’t been updating my blog as regularly as I would’ve liked, it is because many people give photographs as Christmas gifts. I wouldn’t want to spoil their surprise! Photography is such an amazing gift for family and friends.

Over the past year, I’ve been selecting one image per session to add to an overall collage for the year. Each image I look at brings back wonderful memories for me, and I hope it does for my clients as well.

The latter half of 2017 found me soul searching, and renovating a kitchen! It’s surprising how the two can go hand in hand. I’ve been having a serious look at my business as well as my volunteer time which is resulting in new adventures and much needed changes to come. I am very excited for 2018.

Speaking of 2018 – I will be celebrating my 10th anniversary! 

I never would have thought that I would still be here, ten years later, running a successful business and delivering beautiful product to my clients. There will be a party later this year, and I hope you will all be able to join me!

Now, in no particular order, let’s look back on 2017 and all my wonderful clients. Thank you for making this such a wonderful year!

Much love,


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