An Inspiring Family

Amanda and Brent are the owners of Inspire Marketing in Hamilton.  They have three, beautiful children, and the youngest one, Reid, (younger than his sister by only 1 minute, might I add), is the cute face behind Reid’s Riders and Read to Succeed!  I had the pleasure of photographing this inspiring family a few weeks ago.

Why do I think they are inspiring?  It’s not because of their company name.  It is because they put the lives of others ahead of themselves.  They are constantly finding ways to support the community in which they live and have a knack for bringing people together the way a community should be together!  They have inspired me many times for my own personal projects to support the community around me also, and for that, I thank them dearly.

As you can see, we had a tonne of fun during their family portrait session.  The kids were full of giggles, and Amanda and Brent couldn’t be more in love.  They truly are soulmates, and these images show that.  Thank you, Kinnaird family, for sharing your evening with me.  It’s truly an honour to have you in my life.  xo

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