May to October is "Photography Season" here in Ontario! Although our winters are beautiful, families aren't too keen to go out in the cold for their portrait session. No matter which time of year you choose, here are five tips to ensure your photo session is fabulous!

1.        Hire the right photographer!

Make sure you do your research. Cheaper is not always better. The quality of the photographers work, and how they conduct themselves with you should be your deciding factor. Ask for referrals and scrutinize the photographer’s work & business ethic. These are your cherished memories in the photographer’s hands and should be handled by an expert.

When comparing quality of work, look for things like:

  • skin tones - do they look natural or are they orange, green or non-existent?
  • are the photographs overly bright, too dark or do they seem "just right"?
  • do their surroundings look natural or do the colours seem off?
  • is the sky blown out or is there colour?
  • do the expressions on their faces seem authentic, especially the children?

Check to see if your photographer belongs to a Photography Association or holds any Accreditations. I am a proud member of the Professional Photographers of Canada which means that not only am I accredited in Child and Family photography, but I am also held to a Code of Ethics and will conduct business with you honestly and professionally.

2.        Choose a place that has special meaning.

The first thing I do during a client consultation is ask if there is a special place for the family. By choosing a unique location, you will fondly remember the happy times when you look at your photographs for years to come. Some suggestions I make are: 

  • Where did you meet?
  • Where did you have your first date?
  • Where do you like to hike?
  • Where do you like to visit?
  • Where is your home town?
  • What place is special to you and your family?

3.        Co-ordinate your outfits.

These are photographs that you will be turning into Wall Art and seeing every single day. The last thing you want to do is say "why did I wear that"? 

When you book with me, we will have a clothing consultation a few weeks prior to your session. This will give you enough time to pick (or purchase) your outfits. I will send you information on the latest clothing trends, and I encourage you to ask me for advice, or at the very least, ask your best-dressed friend!

Choosing clothing that is flattering and stylish will not only make everyone look good, but will make everyone feel great during the session.

4.        Prepare the children (and your spouse)!

Everyone needs to be mentally prepared to be in front of the camera. Practice smiling, having tickle fights and remembering good manners in front of the photographer. 

Your session with me will never be rushed. If anyone has a meltdown during the session, we will stop and wait. I want everyone to feel happy and at-ease during our time together.

5.        Relax and have fun.

Being prepared ahead of time will make everything go smoothly. I will help you with the preparation, and you will bring your best game! This isn't just "family photos", this is marking a time in your family's history! We will make sure it is a ton of fun so that the images we create will bring you happy memories for years to come.

I would be happy to discuss booking a portrait session for your family! All you need to do is click contact me to get the process started.