Tottenham’s Back To School Portraits!

October 9, 2020

This year was our 6th Annual Back To School Portraits supporting the Our Town Food Bank in Tottenham. I am pleased to announce that $300 was raised for them! Thank you to everyone who participated!

Although I generally see the same families year after year, there are always a few new families that join in the fun! This year, the appointment times sold out exceptionally quickly because many of us didn’t know if the schools would even be offering a Picture Day this year. It was a wonderful afternoon and the weather was beautiful!

One thing different this year was that there were no props. Usually I bring out my old desk, some books, some apples or a straw bale. The health and safety of the participants was of my utmost concern though, and having props could have led to possible transmission should any of the participants have been asymptomatic.

Thankfully, it’s been a couple of weeks since we held the sessions, and no one has become ill! Here are some of my favourites from our afternoon together!

Thank you to everyone for making this such a fun afternoon! See you next year!

Much love,


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