Helping to make Christmas wishes come true

This year, I knew that I wanted to provide the opportunity for Christmas Portraits for our community, and I also knew that I wanted to support a local charity.  At my church, there is a mother-daughter team that works diligently every year to raise money for the Christmas Families Program through the Our Town Food Bank.

What a perfect match!

I worked with my friend, Ashley, who helped me come up with a set concept that we put in to place.  Gillian provided the flocked Christmas Tree, which looks lovely, but was such a mess!  I purchased the decorative snow and elf on the shelf, and Ashley provided the painted crate and refinished my chalkboard for me.  Gillian also used her lovely artistic talent to do some whimsical lettering on the chalkboard!

We are an awesome team to have pulled all this together, and I am so appreciative of Gillian and Ashley’s help.  Of course, I also have to thank my wonderful husband who assembled the messy tree!

After transforming my living room into a winter wonderland, the clients arrived, ranging in age from 6 months up to 14 years old!  Everyone had a lot of fun, and we captured lots of great smiles.

We are pleased to be able to donate $125 to the Christmas Families Program, and I am looking forward to doing this again next year!  We have set a tentative date of November 4, 2017 – MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

Thank you to all the families that participated.  I am looking forward to delivering your products next week!

Much love,

Jennifer & Gillian


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