Family Fun in High Park

It was a lovely morning in High Park, Toronto, where Janet, Poul, Julia, Matilda and I all decided to meet up for their fall family portraits.  Julia, not even two yet, was very curious about her surroundings as she had never been to this park before.  We found many interesting things during our walk, including the furriest little caterpillar ever!

During our snack break, Julia thought that the wee baby in mommy’s tummy was hungry, and that Matilda was too.  Cheerios were on the menu.

One thing I must mention – please take note of Julia’s toddler curls.  They are super adorable, and while we hope they never go away, at least we have a picture of them in case they do.  This is an image that mom will treasure forever.

Thank you for spending your morning with me.  I had such a wonderful time with you all, and I can’t wait to meet your baby in the spring!

Much love,




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