Halloween Photography Tips

2020 Halloween will be like no other, and I’m sure it will be one of the most memorable ones in recent history. Tell me in the comment section – what are you doing to make this Halloween special for your family? One thing you will definitely want to do is document these memories with some fantastic pictures. Here are five Halloween Photography Tips to help you out.

  • Use the daylight and go outside! 

While the actual festivities typically occur after sundown, be sure to photograph your Halloween character at least half an hour before the sun sets. Take them outside and find and shady spot in your yard or in your neighbourhood. 

Halloween Photography Tips

Make sure that the sun is not behind your subject (unless you specifically know how to use a flash on a dSLR). Since the sun will be low in the sky, it should be easy to find a spot that is shady. Turn them towards where the sun is until you see the front of their face is bright.

  • Choose your camera mode

Most smart phones have a Portrait Mode, and you can choose the type of “lighting”. I tend to stick to Natural or Studio Light as I find it is the most flattering. Play around with these settings a few days before Halloween so you can figure out which one you like the best

  • Find an uncluttered background
Halloween Photography Tips

The outdoor backgrounds that work wonderfully are in front of a fence, the side of the house, the front door or a bush that has some wonderful October colours. Avoid in front of your car and watch for distracting background object s like garbage cans, light posts, stop signs, traffic lights or other people trying to photobomb!

  • Place your subject

Before you snap your photograph, have your subject(s) stand at least 2 feet away from that wall, fence or bush. This will help to separate them from the background.

Centre them in your frame and tap on their face on your smart phone to help blur the background and set the exposure. Instead of asking them to smile, get them to pose in character! That always illicit a laugh or three! Take several photos until you feel like you have the one you want.

Halloween Photography Tips

Get creative! Try different angles and poses, as long as your subject lets you.

Remember, it’s Halloween! They may be more concerned about candy than photographs!

  • Edit!

There are many great apps available for photo editing. While today’s smart phones take great images, they still require some finessing. Since this is a Halloween photo, you could add some extra graphics or frames so that you can upload to Instagram or Facebook.

A few apps I like for editing are Snapseed, VSCO and the native editor on my iPhone. Try a few of them out and see what you like the best. You’ll want to edit the vibrance, contrast and perhaps the warmth setting to ensure skin tones look natural.

Once you’ve got your awesome photograph, please upload it to your IG Story and tag me –> @jengphotog. I would love to reshare on my story!

Halloween Photography Tips
This image was edited in Photoshop using a grainy filter and desaturating the colours to create a zombie-like affect.

I hope you found these Halloween Photography Tips useful! I can’t wait to see your creations!

Most importantly, however you’re celebrating this year,
please be safe!

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