Professional portraits showcasing the real you.

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You are your brand!
Represent yourself well!

Your brand is more than just your logo or company name.  It is everything about you that you want people to see.  To sum it up nicely, it is who you are and what you do.  For the sole entrepreneur, you ARE your brand.  The way you display yourself on your website, social media sites, as well as in person, is very important.  You need to have an up to date and professional headshot.

I am pleased to offer lifestyle professional images which are unique, exciting and pleasant to view!
This type of image will give people an insight into your personality as well as your business.  You can be photographed in your office, out at your favourite park or urban area.  You can then use different looking images throughout your website, as well as on your social media sites.

Headshot sessions typically take about an hour, however, we will take as much time as needed to capture the perfect shot for you.  Files provided are suitable for print and online use.  Appointments are scheduled during the week.  If you require a weekend appointment, please advise.

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