He’s One!

Recently, Gillian and I were invited to Newmarket, Ontario, to document the life of this sweet one-year old boy!  Mom and Dad were looking for a true documentation of their life at present, which us photographers commonly refer to as a Lifestyle Session.  I haven’t photographed a session like this in a long time, but I was very happy to oblige!

Mister was just waking up from his nap when we arrived – perfect timing!  After that, we hung out in his TeePee and read a book to his parents.  Soon, we were looking out the window and getting into the cupboards!  After all, he’s one!

Oh, to be a one year old!

Thank you for inviting Gillian and I into your home on that beautiful Saturday!  I hope you enjoy your images for years to come!

Much love,

Jennifer & Gillian

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