Last Day of School Pictures are important too!

For most of us living in Ontario, the last day of school is coming up quickly! It’s the day the kids have been waiting all year for, although maybe some parents, not so much! I’m sure your children are excited to sleep in, swim in the pool, play at the playground and just relax all summer long.

Jennifer Gilbert PhotographyPersonally, I think the last day of school is just as monumental as the first.  It’s the perfect day to get out your camera and take a photograph.  It’s the day where you can take the two pictures and be amazed by how much your children have grown!

Being that it is such an important day, make sure you document the memory with a photograph or two (or a few hundred!). Whether it’s a picture of your child all ready for school, before you head out the door, on the driveway, waiting for the bus, or walking in to the school or all of the above, you certainly won’t regret it. Whether or not they realize it now, your son or daughter will love you for it later in life (especially at their wedding!). It’s a special memory that should be should never be forgotten.

Here’s a quick checklist to help you get ready:

  • Are your batteries charged/fresh (if not rechargeable)?
  • Is your lens clean?
  • Is your camera working properly?
  • Have you downloaded all your summer vacation photos onto your computer and cleared your card?
  • Do you have tissues in your pocket, just in case you get a bit weepy?

Once you’ve tackled that list, here are some tips for a great picture:

  • Find good and even light. Don’t put your child in direct sunlight. Utilize the shade under a tree.
  • Make funny faces or noises to get them to smile naturally.
  • Try to take a picture when they’re not looking and seem to be pensive. Those are great images showing your child’s inner personality.
  • Even if they start crying, take a picture anyway. It’s still a memory that can be beautifully remembered for years to come.

Now that you have the picture, feel free to share it on my Facebook page at  I would love to see all the comparison photos!

To make a collage:

If you’re not photoshop savvy, you can use an app such as Layout or PicCollage to create a side by side image for posting on Instagram for Facebook.  There are many apps available for combining photographs.

If you are familiar with Photoshop, I created an 10×8 rectangle, placed and sized the two photographs and then typed the captions underneath.

Here’s one of my kids from last year.  I can’t wait to see how this year’s will turn out!



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