Brampton Farmer’s Market

On the opening day of the Brampton Farmer’s Market, I met up with my long-time friend, and repeat client, Marion, Giancarlo and Gianni.  The idea I had was for a portrait session at Gage Park and then an Ice Cream treat to top it off.

After stopping for shortbread cookies from Wicked Shortbread (which are amazing!), and a bacon-wrapped hot dog, we finally found the ice cream parlour.  Gianni, of course, had cotton candy ice cream that turned his tongue the brightest colour of pink I have ever seen!

The highlight of this session, for me, was Giancarlo.  While I’ve photographed Marion and Gianni before, this was the first time that Giancarlo was part of the session.  The interaction between father and son is always a beautiful one, and I had to hold back tears of joy when photographing the two of them.  I know that the Piccin family will treasure these photographs for years to come.

Thank you, Piccin Family, for such a wonderful session and for being a part of my life.  Live, love, laugh, forever!

Much love,



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