Rally and his Family

Jennifer Gilbert Photography

Since moving to Tottenham, I have had the opportunity to participate in a number of community events where I have provided a gift certificate for a silent auction.  It’s always a pleasure when one of those recipients gives me a call to book their Tottenham Family Photography portraits!

I met Martin and Wendy for their consultation in September to plan their portraits with their three adult children, and one lovely Golden Retriever, Rally!  I knew right then and there that Rally would be front and center!  Sometimes dogs need to be given ‘extra direction’ but not Rally!  He was great.

Of course, the Ranby family was great too!  Gillian and I had a blast photographing them in their back yard.  Martin had an excellent idea to use the shed he had built, and Wendy picked up some beautiful fall Mums for decoration.

As you can see, everyone is extremely photogenic, and they all have an amazing sense of humour.  During their presentation, there were many laughs and smiles as Martin and Wendy selected the images that will be come beautiful prints in their home.

Thank you so much for having Gillian and I out to photograph your family.  I look forward to the next family event in your lives!

Much love,


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