Skarjak Sunset | Tottenham Family Photography

I first met Kerry-Ann a few years ago, shortly after our family moved to Tottenham, and over time, we have gotten to know each other through chance meetings and talks at the Tottenham Artisan Market.  She and her husband Ed Skarjak have two wonderful children, and they are a very musical family!  When we were talking about what to do for their portrait session, the answer was easy!  Let’s bring their instruments and shoot for their ‘album cover’.

We found this perfect little spot just off the Adjala Townline; an old, almost abandoned road, called Tally Downs road.  We started off with the classic portrait style of images that I enjoy photographing and then moved into their band setup.  We had so much fun as the sun was setting over the road and field beside us.

Thank you, Ed, Kerry-Ann, Eireann and Owen for such a fabulous time.  Maybe one day you will become a family with a number one album!  In the meantime, I am please to present, Skarjak Sunset and Tally Downs Road!

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