Strength, Love and Wisdom

A few weeks ago, I was invited into the home of Dara, Charlie and Zeljko and was joined by Nena, Ljuba, Stefie and Amelia, for a very special family session.  It was truly wonderful to meet Nena’s family that she has told me a lot about over the last six months.  After meeting them, I could see the strength, love and wisdom that Dara and Charlie give to their children.  It’s written all over their faces.  They have done a wonderful job raising their children, and I’m sure, they are very proud of Zeljko and Nena.

While I was photographing Dara and Charlie, I asked each of them to look at one another and tell me how they remember feeling when they first met each other.  Their response was the same!  Dara said she remembered how handsome Charlie was, and Charlie remembered how beautiful Dara was.  There was such a beautiful emotion between the two of them.  It brought a tear to my eye.

Jennifer Gilbert Photography, Family Photography


Next, a big group shot and some one on one images with mom and dad.  At first, I thought Nena looked exactly like her mom, but then I realized she looks a lot like her dad too.  What do you think?

Jennifer Gilbert Photography, Family Photography


Now, on to some fun with the kids and their dad, Ljuba.  What great smiles we caught!

Jennifer Gilbert Photography, Family Photography

But eventually, all photo sessions must come to an end, and we got the signal loud and clear!

Jennifer Gilbert Photography, Family Photography


Thank you, Nena, for inviting me to be a part of your family’s life on this special day.  You, and your family, is forever in my heart and prayers.

Much love,


8 Replies to “Strength, Love and Wisdom”

  1. that was a beautiful story. for someone who has grown up with nena and her family, these photos show me how strong this family has been; how beautiful each one of them is and just how much love they have for one another. love to the Bibic & Bogdanovich families.

  2. Ma koliko spoljasnja lepota bila lepa za oko onoga koji je posmatra, ona prava, istinska, unutrasnja lepota sija I zraci svojom nekom nevidljivom silom koja greje srce, a to ljudi na ovim slikama zaista čine…. Ljubav vam ne mogu pozeleti jer to vec imate…snaga je oduvek bila u svima vama…ostaje mi samo molitva the vas sve Bog blagoslovi I cuva uvek.

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