A summer evening at Rhododendron Gardens

The year is going by so fast, as it usually does.  I didn’t realize that I haven’t blogged anything since March!  It’s time to play catch- up, and I will start with this extended family portrait session arranged by my lovely friend, Sabrina!  We met up at Rhododendron Gardens in Mississauga on a warm, summer evening to take advantage of the golden summer light.  We had a great time, although, the littlest one had other plans on his mind!  Often the best photographs of a toddler are the ones where you’re not trying to pose him/her, and I’m happy to say, we did make some beautiful images of him!

I love when three or four families come together to create beautiful images.  I’ve said it before, and it’s worth repeating:  photographing your family is an act of love.  Hanging images of your children and your family creates a sense of belonging for everyone!  Children, especially, will always remember photographs in their home, and years from now, will look back and have fond memories of the day that image was taken.

This is why I advocate so much for printing photographs.  This is why I want to make images for your family.  This is my why!

Off my soapbox now and on to showcasing Sabrina and her family!

Thank you, Sabrina, Daniella, Mariateresa and of course, the husbands and children, for allowing me the privilege of photographing you all!  I can’t wait for next time!

Much love,


Jennifer Gilbert Photography
Jennifer Gilbert Photography

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