The Millers

Jennifer Gilbert Photography

Naomi, Tim and their two children are a wonderfully witty family.  From the beautiful smiles and the side-eye glances, it’s not hard to see how love pours through these four people.

Naomi and I have known each other for about two years.  We both have something in common; we are “new” to Tottenham and we both LOVE living here.  Naomi has a wonderful hashtag she uses from time to time – #DidIMentionILoveItHere.  Yes, yes you did.

Recently, at Naomi’s place of work, they have started a wonderful group on Facebook called Breaking Bread, and once a month, hold Taco Tuesday.  We not only eat delicious Tacos, but we enjoy fellowship, communion and a wonderfully thought out bible lesson and craft.

Thank you, Reverend Naomi, for all you do in our community, and thank you to Tim, Hazel and Maggie for sharing some time with me in October.  Documenting your personalities so that they could be a part of your home was a special honour, and I look forward to watching you all grow as time goes on.

Much love,


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Jennifer Gilbert Photography Jennifer Gilbert Photography

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