It's not goodbye, but rather, see you later!

This beautiful family is very special to me.  I first met Kristi through Social Media and in person, soon after that.  I’d say that we’ve known each other for almost 2 years now.  I’m sorry, I am terrible with remembering when and how I met someone for the first time.  Except my husband – how could I forget that!

But I digress…

Kristi and her family have been in Canada for 3 or 4 years.  She’s originally from the USA while her husband is Canadian.  Their beautiful daughter, Campbell, was born in Cambodia while they were working abroad.  Their twins, Emerson and Harper, were born in September 2011, and you may remember me meeting them for the first time while they were still in the NICU at Credit Valley Hospital.

Kristi and her family are off again to travel the world.  She and her husband are teachers, and have obtained positions at a private school in Malaysia.  They leave in just a few days.  I had the honour of capturing their last days in Canada (for a while), and hope that I will capture their first days when they return, someday.

Kristi, you’ve been a dear friend.  I wish you and Jonathon well, safe travels, good luck, and a beautiful future.  I know this isn’t goodbye, but rather a see you later!  (Yes, I’m crying again…)  Don’t be a stranger, and I’ll see you soon.

Much love, always.


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